New Gameplay Features In Guild Wars – Eye Of The North

Polymock is a game invented by the new race, the Asura, and is similar to Pokemon. Completing dungeons and quests can gain you unique Polymock pieces, which you can then pit against opponents in the Polymock Tournament clash of clans hack. One of the most notable features in Eye of the North, the expansion to the successful series of Guild Wars titles from ArenaNet, is the addition of dungeons. Special multi-level instances, dungeons can be played through repeatedly, and offer some unique items, bosses, and even some surprising traps.

Eye of the North also introduces some three new mini games. By competing in these you can gain faction Reputation Points, which will help your progression along the new faction related Title Tracks.

The Eye of the North maps have been modified slightly from the standard Guild Wars maps. The new dungeons will show up a blurred area, which only becomes clear as you explore your way through the dungeon. Special locations like stairs and resurrection shrines are highlighted on the dungeon map.

Finally there is the Norn Fighting Tournament, where you progress through one on one combat in the Norn Fighting Arena. Defeat the lesser opponents to come up against the impressive Magni the Bison, a tough Norn opponent who organises the Tournament. This is a great way to unlock some of the unique Heroes which are available in Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Dwarven boxing is arranged by the utterly mad Kilroy Stonekin. Special items like knuckledusters, as well as boxing specific skills, are handed out, as you beat your way through opponents. Kilroy eggs you on against increasingly tough opponents, until finally you and your party must punch your way through a one level dungeon. Beating up the Stone Summit Dwarves with Kilroy is easily one of the best features of the game – for Prince Rurik!

By talking to some of the faction NPCs you can gain the Dungeon Masters Guide. Each time you complete a dungeon, a page recording your achievement is created in your guide. Once you have completed all the dungeons in Eye of the North you can return your completed guide, in exchange for some significant faction bonuses and gold.

As an added aide, special dungeon area maps can sometimes be found in dungeons – usually near the entrance to a level. These will instantly reveal the entire dungeon area, as well as highlighting special items like bosses, keys, and some special unique areas to that dungeon.

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